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July 2012[edit source]

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Return to Ravnica is the 59th Magic: The Gathering expansion. Released on October 5, 2012, the expansion is set in the plane of Ravnica and marks a revisiting of the bicolored guilds that were established in the Ravnica block and, by the events of Dissension, had since fallen. The specific guilds to be featured in Return to Ravnica are the Azorius Senate, Golgari Swarm, Izzet League, Cult of Rakdos, and Selesnya Conclave. The remaining guilds will be featured in Gatecrash.
Return to Ravnica introduces the new keywords Detain (Azorius), Scavenge (Golgari), Overload (Izzet), Unleash (Rakdos), and Populate (Selesnya).
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