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This template is an abbreviated version of {{TumblrRef}}. It stores information about commonly referenced Tumblr accounts, and attaches that information to the transcluded citation based on the URL provided.

Support[edit source]

It currently supports the following blogs. If you often cite a blog not listed, feel free to edit the list at the top of Module:EzTumblr.

  • dougbeyermtg.tumblr.com
  • markrosewater.tumblr.com
  • multiverseinreview.tumblr.com
  • tabakrules.tumblr.com
  • vorthosjay.tumblr.com
  • wizardsmagic.tumblr.com

Usage[edit source]

As with {{TumblrRef}}, but the tumblr-title and author fields should be omitted.

The title field is optional if the URL contains the slug, the additional text beyond the numeric post identifier.

url and date are always mandatory.


Parameters[edit source]

  • {{{1}}}: The entire URL, including http(s)://.
  • {{{2}}}: The date of creation.
  • {{{title}}}: The title of the post.

Examples[edit source]

  • Without a title, the URL must contain a slug, and a title will be generated: