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For all articles on DailyMTG.com or magicthegathering.com. This template calls {{WebRef}}.

Usage[edit source]

Example: {{DailyRef|URL following /en/articles/archive/|title of article|author(s)|date of publication (if any)}}

Parameters[edit source]

  • {{{1}}}: The part of the URL following /en/articles/archive/ (e.g., reconstructed/dark-souls-2014-06-24, magic-2015-packaging-2014-06-24, serious-fun/hive-no-mos-eisley-2014-06-24).
  • {{{2}}}: The title of the article, without quotation marks.
  • {{{3}}}: The author(s) (e.g., [[Mark Rosewater]] or Magic Arcana). May be left empty when none is given on DailyMTG.com. Alternatively, use Wizards of the Coast.
  • {{{4}}}: The date, without the day of the week (e.g., January 1, 2001).
  • {{{5}}}: Optional Anchor on the URL
  • {{{lang}}}: Optional language if the article does not exist in english.