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This template can be used within another template to link to a card passed as a parameter.

{{card|card name|edition|scryfall set code|#=collector number}}

Parameters[edit source]

  • {{{1}}}: the official card name.
  • {{{2}}}: Optional - the edition to be used. Also shown after the card name.
  • {{{3}}}: Optional - Scryfall set code. Only needed for special releases like media Inserts of FNM promos. Use third parameter while leaving second parameter blank to avoid having the edition shown in parentheses after the card name.
  • {{{#}}}: Optional - the collector number of a specific card, if multiple cards in the same set have the same name, e.g. basic lands.
  • {{{title}}}: Optional - It the text displayed should be somehow different from the card title.

Examples[edit source]

  1. {{card|Jace Beleren}}
  2. {{card|Jace Beleren|Lorwyn}}
  3. {{card|Jace Beleren|Promo|PDD2}}
  4. {{card|Jace Beleren||PBOK}}
  5. {{card|Golgari Guildgate|Guilds of Ravnica|#=248}}
    {{card|Golgari Guildgate|Guilds of Ravnica|#=249}}
  6. {{card|Black Lotus|title=a lotus which is black}}