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Tefemburu. Art by Eric Peterson.

Tefemburu was a harbour-city in Zhalfir, located south of Ki’pamu on the Mtenda Plains and situated on the Buleusi Coast.

During the Mirage Wars, Tefemburu was the second city forced to stand against Kaervek after the fall of Ufunguo. At the siege of Tefemburu, the heroes of Jamuraa organized an elaborate trap to destroy Kaervek’s army. Hakim Loreweaver wove a spell around the attacking forces, phasing them out of existence and allowing the civilians to flee to safety. At dawn, the allies used a spell to destroy both the abandoned city and the enemy armies.

Tefemburu was phased out alongside the rest of northwestern Jamuraa since the planeswalker Teferi wanted to spare it from the horrors of the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria. It was removed from existence when Jeska destroyed the time rift over Zhalfir.

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