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Birthplace Theros
Lifetime Mending Era
Race Human

Taranika is a legendary soldier from the polis of Akros, on the plane of Theros.

Taranika is none other than the niece of the famous Anax, king of Akros. Currently, Akroan monarchy is in a state of turmoil. King Anax has died, and his wife, Queen Cymede, has disappeared. Anax and Cymede have no children, so Taranika, closest in the line of succession, acts as regent, attempting to guide the polis through what is sure to be a difficult transition.[1]

Taranika seems to be a fervent admirer of her fellow citizen Gideon Jura, known to her as Kytheon, and she likes to think that he still keeps watch over all of Akros.[2]

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