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The Tamingazin continent of Dominaria lies east the supercontinent Jamuraa and south of Shiv of the in the far west of modern day Terisiare.[1][2]

It is the home of humans, Viashino, Garan elves, and the En'Jaga race.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The most fertile land, the Valley of Tamingazin is located in the middle of the continent. It is inhabited by three main races: Viashino, humans, and Garan elves.
    • The valley is protected by the magewall, a magical shield.
    • The Institute of Arcane Study is the magic school placed in the center of the Valley
      • This is where the Magewall Hub is located, the artifact sustaining the magical shield.
      • Berimish is the biggest city in the Valley. It is mainly inhabited by Viashino.
    • The Garan Highlands in the western part of the valley, are the most fertile parts of land surrounded by magical shield.
    • The Human Holds lay in the eastern part of the valley.
      • Farson Hold, ancestral keep of the Tarngold family
      • Voliton Hold, ancestral keep of the Karelon family
  • The En'Jaga territory lies west of Tamagazin valley and shields it from Suderbod.
    • The En'Jaga Highlands
    • The river Nish
    • The En'Jaga Swamps
  • Suderbod is a large country south from the En'Jaga territory. The Suder have ambitions of conquering the Valley of Tamingazin.
  • Skollten is a country north of the Valley of Tamagazin.
  • An unnamed ocean border the Valley of Tamagazin on the south and east. It is dotted with several named and unnamed islands.
    • Norumber, an island east of the Human Holds.
    • Tamin, a large island south from the Valley.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

  1. According to Brady Dommermuth it was originally meant to be part of Jamuraa itself
  2. Squirle. (February 11, 2015.) "The Prodigal Sorcerer", The Multiverse in Review, Tumblr.

Source[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

Map of Tamingazin
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