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Invasion Dragons vs. Planar Chaos Dragons?[edit source]

Well, being two cycles that are distinctly similiar in naming, costing, size, and ability cost, shouldn't the Chaos Dragons be counted as a reference to the Invasion ones?

Their casting costs are similar, but not exact. Rith, the Awakener has a casting cost of {3}{R}{G}{W} and Vorosh, the Hunter has a casting cost of {3}{G}{U}{B} with two different, albeit similar in activated mana cost, albilities. The dragons are similar, but can't call them planeshifted or mirrored pairs, definitely not functional reprints.

Regarding some References[edit source]

I've noticed that some refernces are slightly not accurate. For example Rathi Trapper does not refer to Master Decoy, but to Benalish Trapper, due to the opposition Benalia\Rath, while Revered Dead refers not to Drudge Skeletons, but to Unworthy Dead, for the same opposition that the words Revered and Unworthy might have.