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White Splicers vertical cycle: Three White creatures that produce 3/3 Golem tokens when they enter the battlefield and provide a bonus to each Golem you control, Cycle form each Level of rarity. Sensor Splicer, Master Splicer, Blade Splicer.

I just notice from the Splicers Cycle.

Mutagenic Growth is a green P. Mana only instant, and should be mentioned among the loose uncommon cycle.

Mirrodin should still become "Mirrodin Pure"[edit source]

Myself and most of my friends that play MtG prefer the "Mirran" faction from the "Scars of Mirrodin" block, and would like WotC to continue the story in a future block. We think that Urabrask and his Phyrexians should help the Mirrans Overthrow the other Praetors and give the Mirrans control of Mirrodin back. Like in most other Fantasy/Adventure stories, the good guys go through a time of severe disadvantage (anyone that has read the "Sword of Truth" series knows this very well), but still eventually win. Anyone that agrees should continue this discussion with possible storylines/events that could happen to help the Mirrans defeat the Phyrexians.

I agree, but instead of continuing the same story, it could be in an alternate reality where Mirrodin won instead of Phyrexia...

Functional Reprints[edit source]

Could Suture Priest be considered a sort of functional reprint of Bloodseeker? I know they have different creature types and Suture Priest has an additional effect of giving life when a creature enters the battlefeild under your control, but aside from that they have the same power/toughness and effect, and they both cost one colored one colorless mana.

Notable cards[edit source]

Controversy[edit source]

The set was spoiled in its entirety on April 19, 2011, before the spoiler season on began. This was the result of the Godbook, which contains all cards of an upcoming set, being leaked. Godbooks are sent to magazines for review purposes before the release of sets. In this case, the godbook was sent to Lotus Noir, which passed it on to pro player Guillame Matignon for reviews. Matignon was the World Champion at the time. Matignon in turn shared it with Guillame Wafo-Tapa and two other players in his group. One of which leaked it on the internet. Consequently, all four players involved were suspended by the DCI for a year and a half.

Add please[edit source]

Add please to "Reprints" in subsection "Strictly better" Noxious Revival and Reclaim. 10:58, 11 August 2017 (UTC)