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Notable cards[edit source]

The following common cards feel like functional reprints but are not:

  • Disperse returns a nonland permanent to its owner hand for {1}{U}. Echoing Truth with the same casting cost, returned target nonland permanent and all other permanents with the same name as that permanent to their owners' hands. Hoodwink with the same casting cost, can target lands, but no creatures or planeswalkers. Venser's Diffusion returned a nonland permanent or a suspended card for {2}{U}.
  • Negate feels like a reprinted card; "counter target noncreature spell" is one half of the split card Spite // Malice. Spite's casting cost is {3}{U}, while Negate is simply {1}{U}. It is, more often than not, better than Flash Counter and Extinguish. The spellshaper Stronghold Machinist countered noncreature spells at a cost of {U}{U}, tapping and discarding a card.
  • Prickly Boggart is a 1/1 creature with fear for {B}, surprisingly this simple card has never been printed at such a low cost. Squirming Mass, a 1/1 creature with fear in Urza's Destiny cost {1}{B}.