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Again, we don't need to retell the entirety of Kiku's plot within the Kamigawa Cycle in order to make this an all-encompassing character entry. Phrases like "he bid her to hold on to who she is and what she knows" have no place on an encyclopedic character biography. And we also don't need "Using her shadow-form which had six limbs" and "Narrowly evading Hidetsugu's fire-magic." This isn't an action play-by-play. I also took out the last paragraph about the Toshi/Kiku love child. While, yes, it is possible, it's merely speculation that belongs on the MTGS Storyline forum, not on a biography that is entirely made up of statements of fact. If there's something to support the claim, we should include the paragraph but with a reference to the official statement (by either the writer or the WotC creative team) pointing to that possibility. Otherwise it's just speculation.

I know I'm coming off as rather hard on this character entry, but believe me when I say that it's one of the better ones I've run across in my extensive travels through this wiki.--eid