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Notable cards[edit source]

See also: Innistrad/Trivia.
  • Delver of Secrets (along with its back face, Insectile Aberration), sometimes called a "blue Nacatl", is arguably the most effective cheap threat in its color, widely played in aggro-control tempo decks across all constructed formats.
  • Snapcaster Mage is the Magic Invitational prize card Tiago Chan made and finally collected after four years of development.
  • Geist of Saint Traft is a powerful early-game rush card, given that it's hexproof and can effectively deal 6 damage on turn 4. It is often used alongside Delver of Secrets for tempo.
  • Olivia Voldaren is very reminicent of Memnarch, being able to turn enemy creatures into vampires then gaining control of them just as Memnarch could turn creatures into artifacts and control them. Olivia, however, can only target creatures, but can power herself up this way in exchange for not being as permanent or flexible as Memnarch.