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Points of interest[edit source]

  • A number of flavor texts in this expansion are quoted from the fictional, multi-volume "Sarpadian Empires."
  • The storage land cycle described above probably inspired the creation of the similar storage land cycle from the Mercadian Masques expansion.
  • The sac land cycle described above inspired the creation of the more colorful sac land cycles in the Invasion and Odyssey expansions.
  • Delif's Cone is the only common card in this expansion with only one artwork associated with it. The name is an anagram of "Don Felice" (with an added "s"), who was a Magic playtester.
  • Derelor inspired the creation of the Leech cycle found in the Invasion expansion.
  • Goblin Grenade, as illustrated by Ron Spencer, depicts a goblin holding a spear that has spines arranged to spell the name "Mike," a friend of the artist's. This card was considered for reprinting in the Onslaught expansion but it was far too powerful with the goblins in that expansion.
  • Mindstab Thrull was called "Mutant Saboteur" when artist Mark Tedin was asked to illustrate it, which explains the very odd creature with a set of lockpicks.
  • Order of Leitbur is an inside joke, as describing people of Leitbur as "Leitburites" was designed to sound like LiteBrites.
  • Orgg has the greatest combined power and toughness among all creatures in Fallen Empires. It appeared in two television commercials, pitted against Vizzerdrix in one and "Bob from Accounting" in the other. Because of his spot in the commercials he was slated to be added to the Core Set, but he was considered to be too complex, so Trained Orgg was created for it.
  • Thrull Champion is the first "Lord" (a creature that improves creatures of one particular type) to also be a creature of that type.
  • Thrull Retainer is the first Aura with an activated ability with the cost of self-sacrifice.
  • Vodalian Knights is the only creature in Fallen Empires with flying in its text box, and it is an activatable Jump, and it cannot attack unless the defending player controls an island.