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Archetypes[edit source]

Not sure exactly what some of the archetypes are, so thought it might be prudent to discuss here. They're much less clear than in some other sets, due to the reprint-only nature of the set, so some detective work in pinpointing them might be useful.

{W}{U}: Heavy artifact theme, with some ETB focus?

{U}{B}: Also heavy artifact theme

{B}{R}: Sacrifice

{R}{G}: Absolutely no clue on this one.

{G}{W}: Go wide

{W}{B}: Revolt and sacrificing creatures (Hidden Stockpile)

{U}{R}: More artifacts? Historic, maybe?

{B}{G}: Seems to also have a sacrifice theme, along with creatures dying in general

{R}{W}: Equipment

{G}{U}: Ramp

-- 16:34, 31 July 2020 (UTC)