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To-be-cleaned-up background[edit source]

They also hire themselves out as mercenaries and assassins. The Rakdos serve another purpose, one considerably less dangerous, but no less unsavory, as entertainment for the well off, either in exotic nightclubs or in the sultry backrooms of such establishments. Unbeknownst to all but the paruns and high Azorius members, they serve the secret purpose of causing chaos within Ravnica so the other guilds unite and reinforce the Guildpact. Despite their uses, they are as savage as the Gruul and provide the League of Wojek with plenty to worry about. Rakdos rebellions are quite frequent, and at the edge of the Decamillennial the last Rakdos uprisings caused heavy losses to the Wojeks.

The Rakdos' territory neighbors the Golgari controlled Old Rav, aka the Undercity. The center of their territory is the Hellhole, a cavernous space within a great mountain that was hollowed by centuries of mining work. In its center stands Rix Maadi, the palace of Rakdos himself.

Ravnica block[edit source]

In the time of Dissension events, Izolda raised Rakdos to gain control over him and made him fought Project Kraj. They fought until Kraj absorbed Rakdos into his body, putting the demon into a coma. This, however, was too much also for Kraj and it died. Later, the previous Boros guildmaster Feather dumped Rakdos' body back into his lava pit, unsure if he would ever rise again.

Return to Ravnica block[edit source]

Rumblings from the hellpit within Rix Maadi sent the Rakdos scampering back to the guildhall to await their demon lord. As the demon Rakdos finishes healing within his own personal hellpit at Rix Maadi, he reclaims leadership of the Cult of Rakdos. The Rakdos usher in diversion clubs for the twisted and curious of Ravnica as they devise new ways of expressing their own brand of mayhem.