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"Sweat" has been named[edit source]

Since the page is currently locked as preview weeks are coming for this set, I felt the need to point out something that needs fixing here, rather than just straight-up fixing it myself. Under "Expeditions", the following text is present: "There are 25 Expedtion cards appearing with Battle for Zendikar (the 5 new dual lands, 10 shock lands and 10 fetch lands) and 20 more cards coming in "Sweat"." However, "Sweat" has now been named "Oath of the Gatewatch", so we should probably use that name instead. If anyone with the ability to edit the page could fix this, it would be appreciated. Thanks. (And yes, I know that this comment that I am making is going to look really silly years down the line when BFZ is old and OGW is very well-known, plus the page will have been unlocked forever.) -- 23:42, 4 September 2015 (UTC)

Hardly silly, this is the entire point of talk pages! Also, while the change you suggested was already made, note that this page (and many others that are protected) is lightly protected, and only requires that you register an account. Feel free to sign up! --Corveroth (talk) 04:42, 5 September 2015 (UTC)