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Gallery Highlights[edit source]

Artwork Quality Relevance Description Replace?
Armageddon Clock High Very High Features numerous of her renowned gears. Only to remove the wallpaper aspect
Dragon Whelp Medium Medium Iconic artwork that shows her cute side. All her artwork is definitely cute now. To improve quality
Fork Low Medium One of her iconic cards, but she has a lot To improve quality or showcase one of her aquatic cards
Icy Manipulator Low Medium Showcases some minor surrealism, a lot of steampunk, and gears, gears, gears. Earned the nickname "Bone Crank". To improve quality
Ornithopter Medium Very High Iconic card that showcases both steampunk and da Vinci inspirations. To improve quality
Pheldagrif High High Aburdism + cute, this is a highly memorable and unique creature. To remove the wallpapering
Time Elemental Low Medium Memorable creature that shows off some surrealism meshed with steampunk. Overlaps with other cards in the gallery though. To improve quality or relevance.
Time Walk Very Low High Her most well known card, showcases her iconic skeletoids, surrealism, and some gears hidden in the face. Desperately needs quality improving

Use this as a quick way to determine which artworks need improvement or replacement.

Gallery Suggestions[edit source]

There's not a lot of good art there for Amy Weber right now, but many iconic cards. The following are suggestions for the gallery should quality artwork appear.

Discussion[edit source]

  • Missing birthplace / year / info
  • Not sure how her Cornish College alma matter relates to the other Corn Packers - Myrfors, Maddocks, Rusu, et al.
  • FYI if you go to her website prepare to be shocked, she's gone from doing "cutesy" Steampunk to doing "steampunky" cute. The emphasis has definitely been swapped.