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Takenuma plane.jpg
Plane Kamigawa

The Takenuma Swamp (Japanese: たけぬま; rōmaji: Takenuma; literally "Bamboo Swamp") was a major source of black mana location on the plane of Kamigawa. A fetid swamp of rotten bamboo, poisoned water, and foul air, Takenuma was home to nezumi-bito, humans, o-bakemono and many other less-than-pleasant things.

The guardian spirit dragon of Takenuma is Kokusho, the Evening Star.

Minor locations[edit | edit source]

Takenuma Swamp. Art by Jim Nelson.
  • Miren. A haunted well deep within Takenuma.
  • Numai (“swamp home”), once a prospering human city, now a loose group of half-deteriorated buildings. Many of the criminal masterminds of Kamigawa, such as Uramon, have their manors here. There is also a base of the mahotsukai cult, a group of powerful black jushi (wizards), the greatest of which was Kiku. Numai was also once the home of Toshiro Umezawa.
  • Shizo. An ancient battlefield with many corpses mummified in the mud.

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