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Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Unknown
Race Spirit, formerly Vampire
Sources Ravnica, Dissension

Szadek was the parun (founder) of House Dimir, the blue-black aligned guild of Ravnica. The last of an ancient race of psychic vampires, he resided in the shadows for ten millennia in an effort to eventually seize control of the entire city. In the end, he was arrested by Agrus Kos.

Death and reappearance[edit | edit source]

He reappeared as a spirit (he was killed in the Azorius' prisons) who plotted to destroy Ravnica using his newfound powers to control the spirits of the dead. It was also revealed that he had taken over the Agyrem district, and had managed to kill most of the Boros angels, including Razia. He also killed Augustin IV, and took control of the Agyrem district that had fused with the rest of Ravnica.

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