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Svyelun is the goddess of the Pearl moon, patron to Dominaria's early merfolk empire of Vodalia.

On of the key tenets of Svyelunism is that mortals cannot approach the divine: the moon is above the sea, above the lethal desert of the land, above even the sky, and no mere merfolk can hope to reach it.[1] Svyelun has not communicated to her followers except when sher first formed merfolk from silt and saltwater, and her words from that time are recorded in ancient writings that are the focus of Svyelunite theology.

The symbol of Svyelun is the "winged moon" - a full moon ringed by a gleaming halo, with a bright pear of circular spots on opposites of the halo. Circular mirrors, placed horizontally and facing upward (mimicking the surface of water) mark places of worship. Every twenty-eight days, when the Mist Moon reaches its full phase, devotees of the goddess are obligated to spend the night in ritual contemplation. The Society of the Conch of the Svyash caste travels the world, to seek a closer understand of Svyelun by contemplating the ways she manifests in other cultures.

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