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Plane Ravnica

Svogthos is the Guildhall of the Golgari in the Undercity of Ravnica.[1] The former cathedral currently stands at the center of Korozda, the Maze of Decay, an immense circular maze of fungal hedgerows and overgrown, moss-encrusted ruins.[2]

The arched subterranean structure of Svoghthos is elaborately decorated and gilded, a sign that it used to be a cathedral of the Orzhov Syndicate. Denizens of Above would whisper of how the cathedral was beautiful, once. Its curved arches and stony towers glistened with obsidian and silver in days gone by. But the wear of centuries left it cold and damp, heavy with the smell of staleness and soil. Svogthos is a semi-living structure in which the detached, severed head of Svogthir is housed and is claimed to move as the center of Golgari territory shifts.[3][4]

Inside Svoghthos is a cavernous chamber, known as the Statuary. A raised stone causeway runs through its center, with statues lining either side. Except the statues aren't truly statues, they are Vraska's victims.[1]

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