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Creature type
(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
Statistics 4 cards
{U} 50% {B} 50%
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Surrakar is a black and blue creature type used for cards that depict a humanoid reptilian race that borders on intelligence. As a creature type, they are unique to the Zendikar block.

In the entirety of the multiverse, Surrakar are only known to thrive on Bala Ged subcontinent on the plane of Zendikar. Deep in the Guum Wilds, the Surrakar Marauder make their nests among boggy limestone hillocks. Extremely ferocious, they are thought by many inhabitants of the plane to be nothing more than savage monsters, though some suspect that they have some intelligence and societal structure.[1] They are known to collect treasures and use weapons.


  • In appearance, the Amphin are a similar race.



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