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Sue Ann Harkey was art director at Wizards of the Coast for Magic: The Gathering from Alliances through Weatherlight.[1] She was responsible for bringing a number of good artists into the Magic fold (including Kev Walker, Donato Giancola, D. Alexander Gregory and Paolo Parente). She was also responsible for giving the Mirage block its overall look, after the cards were already designed.[2]

Sue Ann wasn't liked by the original artists, because she was the one that had to present them with new contracts that gave the copyrights to WotC.[3] She also had several conflicts at WoTC, especially with R&D. According to Mark Rosewater, her biggest downside was that she didn't know the game.[4] When Jesper Myrfors was rehired, for a much better pay, Sua Ann left the company.[3]

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