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Birthplace Undercity, Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era
Race Elf Zombie

Storrev is an Devkarin elven lich and leader of the Erstwhile, a zombie faction within the Golgari Swarm of Ravnica.

Storrev is adept at the politics of court, and she is feared for her power to transform dead beasts into undead horrors.[1] In the period leading up to the War of the Spark, the Golgari used the Erstwhile as servants. When Vraska came after the guildmaster Jarad vod Savo, Storrev turned tables on her master and joined Vraska's alliance.[2]

Storrev remains an ally of Vraska, because the gorgon had freed the Erstwhile and had given them Mazirek, who had been their tormentor, to kill.[3]

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