Storm Crow Highlander

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Storm Crow Highlander, also known as SCH or Crowmander, it is a casual Commander variant where the main change is the inclusion of a command crow, a free recurring creature that must deal the lethal blow on an opponent to cause them to lose the game. This shifts the power of some cards and strategies, allowing for different styles of play. The format was created in Ontario, Canada and is slowly gaining popularity.

Rules[edit | edit source]

For SCH, follow all the same rules you would for Commander aside from the following variations.

  • You have a commander, storm crow, and 99 other cards in your deck for a total of 101 cards.
  • You may have a sideboard up to 15 cards.
  • Storm crow is independent of your color identity and doesn't affect it.
  • You can't pay life if it would result in a negative life total.
  • Each player starts the game with a storm crow in play
  • If the starting crow would leave play all auras/equipment/counters are removed and it phases out under its owners control
  • A player does not lose from having 0 life or drawing from an empty deck until dealt damage by a storm crow (a player loses if storm crow damage reduces their life to 0)
  • Once a player has taken 21 or more damage from a single commander any damage from a storm crow causes game loss.
  • If a player has 15 or more poison counters, damage or poison counters from a storm crow causes game loss ( the 15th counter being caused by a storm crow results in game loss).
  • Brothers yamakazi can partner with itself as long as they have different art

Banned Cards[edit | edit source]

Storm Crow Highlander uses a similar banned list to the Commander one. Although this banned list is recommended, your play group has the final say on card legality.

  • Conspiracies are all banned.
  • Ante cards are all banned.
  • Dexterity cards are all banned.
  • Silver border cards are legal excluding cards with fractions, gotcha, dexterity effects,and effects that involve people outside the game