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The Store Championship was a two-day seasonal Magic: The Gathering tournament organized by the DCI in 2017 and 2018.[1] The tournament was played in local game and hobby stores around the world, at the end of the Standard Showdown of each set's season.

Store Championship events were Standard format tournaments, using only the newest cards the game had to offer. They were a continuation of the Magic Game Day, which used to be held much earlier in the season. All participants received a foil full-art promo preview card that showcased the upcoming next set (while supplies lasted). There was no additional card for Top 8 finishers. Instead, store champion playmats and program-exclusive deck boxes awaited those who emerged victorious.

The first Store Championship was held on December 30–31, 2017, as culmination of the Ixalan release.[1] The series was short-lived, because for Guilds of Ravnica it was already replaced by the Magic Weekend.[2]

List of cards[edit | edit source]

Championship Date Preview for Card
Ixalan December 30–31, 2017 Rivals of Ixalan Ghalta, Primal Hunger [3]
Rivals of Ixalan April 2–8, 2018 Dominaria Steel Leaf Champion
Dominaria June 18–24, 2018 Core Set 2019 Demon of Catastrophes [4]
Core Set 2019 September 10–16, 2018 Guilds of Ravnica Emmara, Soul of the Accord [5]

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