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Stonehaven Plains.gif
Stonehaven Plains
Plane Dominaria
Part of Corondor
Status Unknown
Formerly part of Iron Kingdom

Stonehaven is a region in the western part of the Dominarian continent of Corondor. It used to be ruled by Ravidel.

Stonehaven locations[edit]

  • Lighthouse Island. An elongated mountainous island, protecting the western coast from Corondor. The lighthouse guided vessels from the Western Sea to the once proud ports of Arathoxia. Once it was a glimmer of hope, welcoming all to the beauty that is Corondor, now she lies mostly abandoned. The once friendly merfolk have become suspicious of strangers, and spirits both fair and foul are rumored to haunt this place.[1]
  • The Urlan Wild. The northern part of Stonehaven. It is said that to journey across these pristine lands was to remember why Corondor was worth fighting for.[1]
  • The Plains of Urlan. The northern plains of Stonehaven, which are crossed by the Tenamis River. Where bone was like silver, and Visionaries searched the stars for signs. Its people were allies to any who would defend Corondor from conqueror wizards.[1]
  • The Ten Summits. The mountainrange south of Urlan, and north of the Plains of Ephren.
  • Plains of Ephren. The central part of Stonehaven. The enchanted plains were the domain of Lord Adam Carthalion until the destruction of his army in the Battle of Aster Fall. Birthplace of Jared Carthalion and location of the first battle between Jared and Ravidel.[1]
  • Krysalthus Woods. An enchanted forest south of the Plains of Ephren, and north of Arathoxia. Controlled by House Verdenth (the seat of Emerald Magic). Home to the Ironroot Treefolk and all manner of woodland creatures.[1]
  • Stonehaven Plains. The heartland of southern Stonehaven. A quiet, peaceful place, and one of the few places that had been spared the horrors of the Planeswalker War. A home for farmers and gentle scholars, even it's resident ghost inspires sympathy rather than terror.[1]
  • Nyx. In the Swamps of Nyx lay the stronghold of the Black Sorceress. Believed to be long-abandoned, its forbidden gates disguise a thousand secrets.
  • Arathoxia. A city at the delta of the Tenamis River on the southwestern coast of Stonehaven.



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