Standard Wolf-Run Ramp

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Wolf-Run Ramp is a midrange/aggressive deck featuring powerful cards from the Scars block, Magic 2012 and Innistrad block standard. The deck relies on Mana acceleration, ramping up its mana base with Rampant Growth, Solemn Simulacrum, Sphere of the Suns, and Birds of Paradise until it can drop threats in the form of Huntsmaster of the Fells, Inferno Titan, and Primeval Titan. With a Primeval Titan on the board, the player can search for specific lands, such as Inkmoth Nexus and Kessig Wolf Run. The deck uses sweepers such as Whipflare and Slagstorm to respond to an opponent's board. Games are usually won by pumping up a titan or Ravager to lethal levels with Kessig Wolf Run, or else by using Kessig Wolf Run to pump an Inkmoth Nexus to 10 power and win the game via poison.

Brian Kibler won Pro-Tour Dark Ascension in 2012 with this deck: