Standard RG Beats Heezy Street deck

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Heezy Street is a red-green aggressive deck played by Mark Herberholz (or "Heezy") to a win at Pro Tour Honolulu 2006. The deck focuses on using excellent early Red drops, such as Kird Ape, and powerful two-drops, like Dryad Sophisticate and Scab-Clan Mauler, to begin the attack early, while backing up the early aggression with the power of Burning-Tree Shaman and Giant Solifuge. Moldervine Cloak improves trampling and evasive creatures, and Char and Flames of the Blood Hand provide some late-game reach.

Overall, the deck has an excellent game against control: Giant Solifuge's untargetability, and Flames' ability to nix life-gain are both important. Even so, aggro matchups are still very winnable with this deck. Rumbling Slum and Umezawa's Jitte from the sideboard (as well as Blood Moon for Zoo) are both excellent options for fighting aggro. Some decks have even adopted Rathi Dragon for the board, for the inevitable RG mirror match.