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The Song of All is a song featured in the flavor text of Urza's block. Some additions appeared in the Masques block, the Time Spiral block, Masters 25 and Dominaria.

The song is about the wisdom of Serra and her beliefs and worldview. It's expressed through her host of angels. The Song of All is a very lengthy song. It consists of over 1000 cantos of varying length. Singing the whole song would take many days, maybe even as long as a week.[1]

The cantos beyond #1000 are known as Brother Angus's Lament. They were added by Brother Angus after Serra had imparted her wisdom to him before dying.[2][3]

Known cantos:

Canto Content Card
Canto 3 From womb of nothingness sprang this place of beauty, purity, and hope realized. Planar Birth
Canto 23 Our Mother! The sky was Her hair, the sun, Her face. She danced on the grass and in the hills. Purify
Canto 167 Life's balance is as a star: on one point is Law, and Law must be upheld. If the knots of order are loosened, chaos will spill through. Voice of Law
Next to Law is Duty, and Duty must be obeyed. If the frame of Duty is broken, none shall weave life's fabric. Voice of Duty
Opposite Law is Grace, and Grace must be preserved. If the strands of grace are unraveled, its design will be lost, and the people with it. Voice of Grace
Next to Grace is Reason, and Reason must be retained. If the web of Reason comes unwoven, madness will escape. Voice of Reason
Above them all is Truth, and Truth must be set free. If the wings of Truth are clipped, the voices will fall silent. Voice of Truth
Canto 211 The clouds came alive and dove to the earth! Hooves flashed among the dark army, who fled before the spectacle of fury. Pegasus Charger
Canto 524 The Spirit of Serra raised Brindri high and commanded her to keep the balance. On Serra's Wings
Lifted beyond herself, for that battle Brindri was an angel of light and fury. Serra's Embrace (Urza's Saga)
Canto 642 In the gathering there is strength for all who founder, renewal for all who languish, love for all who sing. Congregate
Canto 873 Your enemies will pound upon the door of your defenses, but only you shall have the key, and it is the key of life. Defensive Formation
Canto 881 The tools of evil are mere things. And like all things, they cannot last forever. Disenchant (Iconic Masters)
Canto 904 Those who endure in the face of suffering, those whose faith shines long in evil days, they shall see salvation. Serra Avenger
Canto 918 The face of Light will shine upon them, and they will know war no more. Cessation
Canto 1008 Let go of all that harms you. Cast your burdens into the darkness, and build for the faithful a house of light. Invoke the Divine