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Slow land

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Slow lands is a term that refers to a cycle of uncommon lands that can be tapped for {C} or one mana of two allied colors; if tapped for colored mana, they do not untap during their controller's next untap step. The drawback is significant compared to taplands; slow lands give an advantage exactly the turn drawn but will cost a mana every second turn, whereas taplands, which enter the battlefield tapped (costing one mana, once), are dual lands every point after that.

List of Slow Lands[edit | edit source]

The slow lands were first introduced in Tempest .

They were later functionally reprinted in Champions of Kamigawa.

Ice Age depletion lands[edit | edit source]

The depletion lands from Ice Age work essentially like slow lands, but with the potential to influence the drawback by adding or removing depletion counters. They are allied-colored as well.