Sivitri Scarzam

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Sivitri Scarzam
Race Human
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime After the Thran, before the Brothers' War
Dakkon Blackblade comic

Sivitri Scarzam was a planes-travelling being (but not a planeswalker) who commanded the mighty Scarzam dragons named for her.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Ages before the Brothers' War, but after the fall of the Thran Empire, Sivitri came to Dominaria (through unknown means) and attacked southeastern Corondor with her horde of dragons. Refugees, mostly farmers, began to band together to battle them, but their weapons were useless. Eventually a healer found a new species of poppy that, when mulched into a potion, became a contact poison that could kill the Scarzam Dragons. Dozens of the creatures were killed before Sivitri, astride the largest Scarzam Dragon, left Dominaria. When the last dragon was destroyed, the victors settled in the areas north and west of the Great Sulgh Salt Marsh. Geyadrone Dihada entered the plane shortly afterward.

Many years later Sol'Kanar tried to summon the Scarzam dragons, but treachery among his minions made him fail to control it.

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References[edit | edit source]

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