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Simun the Quiet was a brilliant wizard from an unknown plane. He was quite mad.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

After he was shunned from the Order of the Elements for "unnatural ideas," he sealed himself in a secret laboratory inside the wall of an ancient keep. There he perfected his "unnatural ideas" for half a century, growing more and more paranoid with every passing year.

Believing that his former brethren would discover him, steal his powerful magics, and hang him in the tower, he forged an object in which he could hide his secrets. A strongbox, he would call it. Then, he built a key. Both were ingenious devices, puzzles in themselves, flawless in design and execution. Satisfied with his creations, he hid the key somewhere no one could ever find it.

The day he heard tapping on his wall, he poured all his secrets and memories into the strongbox, shut the lid, and fastened the lock. Satisfied that he had bested his enemies—his would-be executioners!—he peered at the orb-shaped box on his table. "What a strange-looking box, he thought. Where did it come from? I wonder what's inside and how one might open it."

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References[edit | edit source]

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