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Race Human
Birthplace Montford, Sarpadia, Dominaria
Lifetime Born unknown, died ~ 170 AR
'Fallen Empires comic

Sianna was a member of the Farrelite Cult on Dominaria. She resided in Montford.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally a concubine of Oliver Farrel, Sianna eventually became his champion, and he bestowed upon her his mantle. Her first charge was to find and slay Tymolin Loneglade, who Farrel proclaimed as the living incarnation of Tourach. Sianna confided in her friend Ian that she didn't fully believe Farrel's words, but she went along with him anyway.

Ambushing Tymolin and her brother, Tev Loneglade, the Farrelites attempted to kill Tymolin while ignoring Tev. Tev, who was not recognized as the extremely powerful planeswalker he was, defended Tymolin from an Aeolipile. Tev then disenchants the mantle from Sianna, sending the Farrelites in retreat. While escaping, Tev and Tymolin became separated in the Havenwood and Tymolin was captured by Vaylesh and the Order of the Ebon Hand.[1]

Receiving word in Montford of Tymolin's capture, Oliver, Sianna, and the Farrelites travelled to meet them, not knowing it was a trap. At the Ebon Hand encampment, Farrel spoke with Tymolin, offering her the chance to take Sianna's place. Tymolin refused and Farrel struck her down with a dagger, plunging the Ebon Hand and Farrelites into combat. The battle was quickly ended when Tev showed up, now transformed into Tevesh Szat, and killed everyone present with a mighty Fireball. The Farrelite Cult saw Sianna and Oliver deaths as martyrdom, increasing their fanaticalism and leading them to escalate to higher levels of violence.[2]

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