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Race Vampire, formerly Human
Birthplace Probably Jamuraa, Dominaria
Lifetime Described as ancient during the Mirage Wars

Shauku, also known as the Endbringer, was an ancient vampire of Femeref descent. She was a dangerous creature, capable of draining the life from all other beings to assist her undead existence. An isolationist whose tone was generally curt and threatening, even her wisdom was abrasive. She considered herself masterless and free to do what ever she wanted, especially in terms of life and death. Her past is shrouded in mystery, but it is said that she was once tried to lure the mage Johan into her service, and failed.

She reigned in Aku within the Uuserk Marshes and had several minions, mundungu and servants that did her bidding throughout Jamuraa. With their aid she also maintained an ancient and unpleasant library. Those who wished to read the texts found they had to study under her for a year and had to donate blood to her regularly. Shauku used the blood to divine much about the students, and while they could leave Shauku's home in one piece, she would always own and control a piece of them.

During the Mirage Wars she was approached by Kaervek to aid him in his conquest of Jamuraa, but she declined. A xenophobe, Shauku disliked strangers and crowds and was underwhelmed by the notion of being involved in an open conflict; she was actually more savvy about the powers of her opponents than Kaervek and knew better than to get involved.

A cult surrounding Shauku appears to have been active during the time of the Prophecy War, but it is unknown whether the cultists simply revered her or if they were actually in her service.

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