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For the concept from the Weatherlight Saga, see Shard of the Twelve Worlds.

A shard, or arc, is a series of three colors in an unbroken chain on the color pie.[1] The middle color in a shard is its primary color, allied to both of the shard's other colors.

The term "shards" was established in the 2008 expansion Shards of Alara.[2] It depicts the plane of Alara divided into five shards, each having only three of the five colors of mana. Each shard has its own flavor and gameplay mechanic related to its place in the color pie.[3]

Bant[edit | edit source]

Bant ({G}/{W}/{U}) features the Exalted keyword. Primary color is white.

Esper[edit | edit source]

Esper ({W}/{U}/{B}) features a colored artifacts theme. Primary color is blue.

Grixis[edit | edit source]

Grixis ({U}/{B}/{R}) features the Unearth keyword. Primary color is black.

Jund[edit | edit source]

Jund ({B}/{R}/{G}) features the Devour keyword. Primary color is red.

Naya[edit | edit source]

Naya ({R}/{G}/{W}) features a 5-power matters theme. Primary color is green.

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