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Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper.jpg
Race Orc
Birthplace Karplusan Mountains, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime ~2940
Coldsnap "Beyond the Grave" theme deck insert

Sek'Kuar was an orc shaman native to the Karplusan Mountains in Terisiare during the last days of the Dominarian Ice Age.

In his youth, during a shamanic trance, Sek'Kuar made mental contact with a Void Maw, a cosmic horror that nearly destroyed him. In exchange for his life and a portion of the creature's eldritch power, however, Sek'Kuar led it to Dominaria, where he promised the monster a fresh supply of corpses from the plague-ridden city of Krov. With his newfound ally and power over life and death, Sek'Kuar became infamous throughout Terisiare and attracted a large number of followers. So cruel was Sek'Kuar that he casually sacrificed his own servants, but his power and charisma was such that they rose from the dead to continue serving him.

During the war between New Argive and the Cult of Rimewind, Sek'Kuar's orcs performed raids on both sides. The shaman was feared by all Terisians for his unpredictability and savagery. The orcs of present-day Dominaria believe that Sek'Kuar still lives in the Karplusan Mountains, gathering his undead army for dark purposes.

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