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Creature type
(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
Statistics 140 cards
{W} 22.9% {U} 12.9% {B} 3.6% {R} 12.9% {G} 37.1% {W/U} 2.9% {U/B} 0.7% {B/R} 0.7% {R/G} 0.7% {G/W} 3.6% {G/U} 1.4% {artifact symbol} 0.7%
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Scout is a creature class that first appeared in Mirage.

Scouts are individuals who are adept at getting along in the wild, often sharing the benefits of their prowess with others. Some scouts are part of a formal military organization and may have some skill in combat. Many scouts have abilities relating to lands, including landwalk. Scouts are spread more or less equally across all five colors save black.

1/1 red Goblin Scout Creature tokens are produced by Goblin Scouts.

Notable Scouts[edit | edit source]