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Scarwood is the name of two forest regions on Dominaria.

Terisiaran Scarwood[edit]

The Scarwood of Terisiare was plagued by bandits, its own breed of goblins, hags, and scavenger folk.

Jamuraan Scarwood[edit]

The Scarwood on the western contient of Jamuraa. Located east of the Sukurvian Desert, it was a deep jungle hiding in its center the Dark Heart of the Wood. To protect the Heart, the planeswalker Terrent Amese created the first cat warriors by fusing the essence of man and tiger. He then had the tiger warriors build the The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale both as a place of worship to him and as a protection to the heart.

After the exodus of the cat warrior tribe and the disappearance of Terrent Amese, elves would claim the forest as their own. They would often have to fend off descendants of the tiger warrior tribe, mostly Sulaki warriors and Hooraree pilgrims, in order to defend their new land. The Scarwood elves would hunt and wear tiger hides to show their defiance of the exiled cat-people and to prove their willingness to fight to keep the Scarwood forest theirs.

Jedit Ojanen would end up the first cat warrior to visit the Dark Heart of the Wood since the exodus; and would uncover the tribes true origins painted on the walls of The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale. After killing its guardian, Ur-Drago; and convincing the four cat warriors tribes that Terrent Amese hadn't been a god and that the woods now belonged to the elves, Jedit was able to negotiate safe passage through the Scarwood for any cat warrior wishing to pay homage to their ancestors.

Continuity issues[edit]

All references concerning the Scarwood forest of Jamuraa comes from the Legends Cycle I serie of novels. These books were written by taking inspiration from the Legends and The Dark card sets, and by retelling the Legend of Jedit Ojanen comic. While these books are post-revisionist, they still contain contradiction with facts taking place in the Weatherlight Saga, where:

The Jamuraan Scarwood is depicted on the official map published in 2018.[1]

In-game references[edit]

Terisiaran Scarwood:


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