Sarya Haasendel

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Sarya Haasendel
Birthplace Crimson Peaks, Sarpadia, Dominaria
Lifetime Born unknown, Death 170 AR
Race Dwarf
The Duelist

Captain Sarya Haasendel was a dwarven captain serving in Sarpadia at the time of the Great Sarpadian War of Dominaria.

When an orc-goblin alliance attacked Gurn Keep, the dwarven leader General Danhelm was slain. Sarya, taking control, lead the surviving dwarves into a nearby abandoned mine. With limited medical supplies and food and constant raids on their encampment, things were grim.

With no other choice, Sarya sent numerous pleas for help to the nations of Sarpadia. Many nations expressed sorrowful regret, but the only nation that pledged aid was the Order of the Ebon Hand that send a mercenary company lead by Ivra Jursdotter. His last correspondence to the elves asked them to chronicle the dwarven history as Jursdotter's forces were seen amongst the orcs and goblins, having joined them.[1]

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