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Salvat 2011
Set symbol
Design team
Development team
Art Director
Release date
January 2011
Themes and mechanics
None new
Keywords and/or ability words
None new
Set size
600 (59 Rare, 59 Uncommon, 86 Common, 20 Basic land)
Expansion code
Magic Encyclopedia sets
Salvat 2005 Salvat 2011 N/A
Magic: The Gathering chronology
Momir Basic Event Deck Salvat 2011 Masters Edition IV

Salvat 2011 is a reprint set only released into the Spanish market. It was distributed in booster packs of twelve cards with 60 weekly issues of the collectible Magic Encyclopedia. In contrast to its predecessor, the cards of this set of are black bordered and feature only the head and wing of the Pegasus as expansion symbol. The cards form twelve theme decks, for a total of 720 cards, 224 different illustrations (59 Rares, 59 Uncommons, 86 Commons, 20 Basic Lands). The release was was authorized by Wizards of the Coast and the cards are valid for DCI tournaments.

Unlike Salvat 2005, which had its card numbered per deck, each card has the same number in each deck it was used.

Card list[edit | edit source]

# Color Card Illus.
1 W Angel of Mercy 10E
2 W Angelic Blessing 10E
3 W Cho-Manno, Revolutionary 10E
4 W Condemn DIS
5 W Dispeller's Capsule ALA
6 W Glorious Anthem M11
7 W Goldenglow Moth M11
8 W Griffin Sentinel M12
9 W Holy Day 10E
10 W Holy Strength M11
11 W Honor of the Pure M12
12 W Knight of the Skyward Eye ALA
13 W Luminarch Ascension ZEN
14 W Mass Calcify SHM
15 W Pacifism MIR
16 W Pariah USG
17 W Serra Angel M12
18 W Serra's Embrace 10E
19 W Skyhunter Skirmisher 10E
20 W Spirit of the Hearth EVE
21 W Suntail Hawk 10E
22 W Tundra Wolves 10E
23 W Venerable Monk 10E
24 W Voice of All 10E
25 W Youthful Knight 10E
26 U Air Elemental M10
27 U Boomerang 10E
28 U Cancel M12
29 U Cloud Sprite 10E
30 U Counterbore SDM
31 U Deluge 10E
32 U Denizen of the Deep 10E
33 U Divination M13
34 U Dream Fracture EVE
35 U Essence Scatter M13
36 U Etherium Sculptor SOA
37 U Evacuation 10E
38 U Faerie Mechanist CON
39 U Into the Roil ZEN
40 U Isleback Spawn SDM
41 U Mahamoth Djinn 10E
42 U Mana Leak STH
43 U Master of Etherium SOA
44 U Memory Erosion SOA
45 U Mind Control M12
46 U Mind Spring M10
47 U Negate M13
48 U Parasitic Strix CON
49 U Phantom Warrior M10
50 U Reckless Scholar ZEN
51 U Sharding Sphinx SOA
52 U Sift 10E
53 U Sky Ruin Drake ZEN
54 U Snapping Drake M10
55 U Sphinx of Jwar Isle ZEN
56 U Thieving Magpie 10E
57 U Tome Scour M11
58 U Traumatize M11
59 U Unsummon M13
60 B Abyssal Specter 8ED
61 B Acolyte of Xathrid M10
62 B Ascendant Evincar 10E
63 B Banewasp Affliction SOA
64 B Consume Spirit M12
65 B Crowd of Cinders SDM
66 B Drudge Skeletons M10
67 B Dusk Imp 10E
68 B Essence Drain M13
69 B Eyeblight's Ending LRW
70 B Glaze Fiend SOA
71 B Gravedigger TMP
72 B Grixis Battlemage SOA
73 B Hidden Horror 10E
74 B Megrim M10
75 B Mind Rot M13
76 B Mind Shatter M10
77 B Moonglove Winnower LRW
78 B Mortivore 10E
79 B Onyx Goblet SOA
80 B Plague Beetle 10E
81 B Ravenous Rats M13
82 B Salvage Slasher CON
83 B Sengir Vampire TOR
84 B Severed Legion 10E
85 B Terror 10E
86 B Underworld Dreams 8ED
87 B Unholy Strength M12
88 B Zombie Goliath M13
89 B Zombify 9ED
90 R Act of Treason M12
91 R Axegrinder Giant LRW
92 R Banefire CON
93 R Blaze 10E
94 R Bloodmark Mentor SDM
95 R Borderland Behemoth MOR
96 R Cinder Pyromancer EVE
97 R Crucible of Fire SOA
98 R Dragon Fodder SOA
99 R Dragon Roost 10E
100 R Earth Elemental 10E
101 R Enrage 9ED
102 R Flameblast Dragon M12
103 R Flamekin Brawler LRW
104 R Furnace of Rath 10E
105 R Furnace Whelp M13
106 R Goblin Piker M12
107 R Goblin Sky Raider 10E
108 R Hamletback Goliath M13
109 R Hellkite Charger ZEN
110 R Hill Giant 10E
111 R Impelled Giant EVE
112 R Incinerate M11
113 R Jagged Lightning S99
114 R Kamahl, Pit Fighter 10E
115 R Lava Axe M12
116 R Lightning Elemental M12
117 R Mudbutton Torchrunner LRW
118 R Prodigal Pyromancer M11
119 R Rage Reflection SDM
120 R Shivan Dragon M10
121 R Shock M12
122 R Vengeful Firebrand MOR
123 R Wild Swing SDM
124 G Blanchwood Armor 10E
125 G Bramblewood Paragon MOR
126 G Civic Wayfinder RAV
127 G Cloudcrown Oak LRW
128 G Drove of Elves SDM
129 G Duskdale Wurm M13
130 G Elven Riders 10E
131 G Elvish Champion 10E
132 G Elvish Eulogist LRW
133 G Elvish Promenade LRW
134 G Elvish Visionary M13
135 G Elvish Warrior MOR
136 G Farhaven Elf SDM
137 G Gaea's Herald 10E
138 G Giant Growth M11
139 G Giant Spider M12
140 G Greenweaver Druid ZEN
141 G Howl of the Night Pack M10
142 G Hurricane 10E
143 G Immaculate Magistrate LRW
144 G Imperious Perfect LRW
145 G Jagged-Scar Archers LRW
146 G Kalonian Behemoth M10
147 G Lys Alana Huntmaster LRW
148 G Mirri, cat Warrior EXO
149 G Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer 10E
150 G Natural Spring 10E
151 G Naturalize M12
152 G Nature's Spiral M11
153 G Oakgnarl Warrior LRW
154 G Overrun M12
155 G Rampant Growth M12
156 G River Boa ZEN
157 G Roughshod Mentor SDM
158 G Runeclaw Bear M12
159 G Spined Wurm 10E
160 G Talara´s Battalion EVE
161 G Trained Armodon 9ED
162 G Troll Ascetic 10E
163 G Verdant Force TMP
164 G Vigor LRW
165 G Wall of Wood 10E
166 O Blightning SOA
167 O Brion Stoutarm LRW
168 O Bull Cerodon SOA
169 O Deathbringer Thoctar ARB
170 O Deft Duelist SOA
171 O Garza Zol, Plague Queen CDS
172 O Kiss of the Amesha SOA
173 O Meglonoth CON
174 O Rip-Clan Crasher SOA
175 O Sangrite Surge SOA
176 O Sprouting Thrinax SOA
177 O Stonebrow, Krosan Hero TSP
178 O Terminate ARB
179 O Tidehollow Strix SOA
180 O Vampiric Dragon ODY
181 O Violent Ultimatum SOA
182 O Woolly Thoctar SOA
183 A Alpha Myr MRD
184 A Angel's Feather M12
185 A Bottle Gnomes 10E
186 A Coat of Arms M10
187 A Demon's Horn M12
188 A Dragon's Claw M12
189 A Font of Mythos CON
190 A Howling Mine M10
191 A Jayemdae Tome M13
192 A Kraken's Eye M12
193 A Leonin Scimitar 10E
194 A Loxodon Warhammer 10E
195 A Obelisk of Grixis SOA
196 A Obsidian Battle-Axe MOR
197 A Ornithopter M11
198 A Razormane Masticore 5DN
199 A The Rack DotP
200 A Trusty Machete ZEN
201 A Wall of Spears 8ED
202 A Wanderer's Twig LRW
203 A Wurm's Tooth M12
204 A Terramorphic Expanse M11
205 L Plains M11
206 L Plains M11
207 L Plains M11
208 L Plains M11
209 L Island M11
210 L Island M11
211 L Island M11
212 L Island M11
213 L Swamp M11
214 L Swamp M11
215 L Swamp M11
216 L Swamp M11
217 L Mountain M11
218 L Mountain M11
219 L Mountain M11
220 L Mountain M11
221 L Forest M11
222 L Forest M11
223 L Forest M11
224 L Forest M11

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