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Saheeli Rai

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Saheeli Rai
Saheeli Rai
Birthplace Kaladesh
Race Human planeswalker
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Saheeli Rai is a human planeswalker from the the plane of Kaladesh.[1][2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Saheeli has a magical command over metal that she uses for the purpose of artifice and the creation of lifelike artifact constructs. She is even able to transmute metals from one into the other.[3] On Kaladesh, she is regarded as one of the brightest inventors of her age and she has many admirers and rivals. Enjoying competition, she's wholly supportive of the efforts of other inventors, happy to share advice, a kind word, or an encouraging smile. She thrills at the prospect of innovation, and basks in the creative spirit that surrounds her in Ghirapur.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

Saheeli Rai participated in the Inventors' Fair, keeping renegades away from it. When she learned of work of her friend, the elf Rashmi and the vedalken Mitul, on an aether teleporter that seemed to cross over into the Blind Eternities, she refused to help her, fearing what it could harbour for Kaladesh if such an invention was made public. After being confronted with a previous statement of hers, that innovation has no boundaries, she acquiesced to lend her aid nonetheless, giving an audience with the Enlightened Keeper Padeem, one of the Consuls.[5]

After Tezzeret's coup and the confiscation of numerous inventions and the abduction of the participants of the Fair, Saheeli joined forces with the Renegades and the newly arrived Gatewatch. Saheeli later learned that Tezzeret had hidden himself in the Aether Spire. She believed that he, together with Rashmi, was conducting experiments on the planar portal she had invented. Saheeli asked for help to break into the Spire. Liliana volunteered to accompany her.[6] While they didn't reach Tezzeret, the pair discovered that Rashmi had escaped and that her invention had been rebuilt and expanded to allow contact to other planes. They brought her away to the Renegades.[7]

Saheeli later aided the Renegades in their attack on the Consulate's Spire. Working together with Pia Nalaar, she constructed the thopter Hope of Ghirapur to destroy Tezzeret's planar bridge and defended the Heart of Kiran from Consulate troops together with Chandra. After Dovin Baan's sabotage was discovered, she modified the thopter to carry Chandra and Gideon. When the pyromancer offered her a place at the side of the Gatewatch, Saheeli declined, stating that there would be much to do in the aftermath of the revolt on Kaladesh.[8]

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