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Ruadach is one of the Llanowar elfhames on Dominaria. It occupies the eastern edge of the forest.[1]

Ruadach is one of the more tolerant elfhames, consisting of scattered mercantile city-states along navigable rivers and lakes . Its culture has been strongly influenced by intermarriage with nearby human settlements. Non-elven merchants, unwelcome in other parts of Llanowar, sell the goods in Ruadach ports. The capital of Ruadach is the city of Scoria. Its palace is a living wooden structure build across the Selendine River. The Fors river runs from the Ath Mountains, in the northwest, to the Fors Basin.[2]

Summertown is a former colony of humans, built up the Moen River. The colony, however, didn't last long: it was destroyed by the arrogant son of a former king. The prince's sister, Queen Terena, ruled Ruadach for over six centuries until she was killed in the Phyrexian invasion. Terena's half-elven daughter now rules as Queen Allenal.

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