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Race Rhox
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown
Commander 2013

Roon of the Hidden Realm is a rhox soldier from an unknown plane, who is believed to guard the gate of an ethereal world.

Raised in a devout family, the young rhox was drawn to warlike pursuits against his father's wishes. Roon joined the infamous Herald's Army, where he became a skilled fighter. After a mistaken slaughter of innocents, he deserted and wandered in the wilderness, where he received a vision of the Hidden Realm and was told he was the keeper of its secrets.

While some called him a blasphemer, Roon embarked on a pilgrimage to rally people to his cause. His compelling personality attracted many, and he became a prophet with legions of followers. Roon doesn't actively seek out conflict, but when he perceives a threat, he will eliminate it quickly and efficiently. For those who believe in him, he is a great guardian who will one day open the gate to eternal glory.[1]

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