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Riashil is one of the Llanowar elfhames on Dominaria.

According to Taysir, the gentle elves of Riashil best reflect the ancient shyness and reticence of the Llanowar elves, and may be the closest to pre-Ice Age elvish culture. They are, however, the most isolationist of the Elfhames, believing to reside in the most sacred place of Llanowar, bordered in the south by the Moen river, and never leave their homeland.[1]

The Riashil elves build their villages in sunlit open spaces of the woods, and tend to dig their homes out of the grounds.[2] They govern themselves to small-scale informal democracy. Official representatives are traditionally accompanied by their mothers. In contrast to the general reputation of Llanowar elves, the Riashil are pacifists and the long ago buries their weapons beneath the Oak of the Oath.

This elfhame is the only one to practice large-scale agriculture.

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