Reya Dawnbringer

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Reya Dawnbringer
Reya Dawnbringer.jpg
Race Angel
Birthplace Serra's Realm
Lifetime Died in 4250 AR
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Reya Dawnbringer was one of the first Serra Angels created by Serra and their leader in the time of the Phyrexian Invasion.[1] She and many other angels answered to Urza's call to leave Serra's Realm and opposed the radical stance of the archangel Radiant. Reya had the ability to resurrect her followers after death.

Reya defended Benalia during the Phyrexian Invasion, but unfortunately met her end during the war. Around 4560 AR, her mission has been taken on by Lyra Dawnbringer, founder of the Order of Dawn, named after the angel who gave her life in defence of Benalia.[2]

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