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Pocket Players' Guide
Magic: The Gathering
Pocket Players' Guide
Publishing Information
Author(s) Kathryn Haines, Dave Howell, Beverly Marshall Saling, Ken McGlothen (eds.)
First printing 1994
ISBN-13 1-88099-229-9
Preceded By
Followed By
Fourth Edition Pocket Players' Guide

The Pocket Players' Guide is a Magic: The Gathering guide to the cards of the First Edition and the rules of the Revised Edition. It was published in 1994.

Contents include:

  • The Creation of Magic: The Gathering [1]
  • The World of Dominia
  • Playing the Game - by Beth Moursund
    • Sequence of Play: A Quick Reference Guide
    • The Magic: The Gathering Revised Edition Rules
    • Difference between First Edition and Revised Edition Magic
  • Developing Your Deck
  • Deck Tuning - by Jim Lin
  • Now That You Have Your Killer Deck... - by Richard Garfield
  • Multiplayer Magic
  • Magic: The Gathering variants - by James Ernest
    • Building a Magic: The Gathering League - by Joel Mick
    • Team Magic by Jim Lin
    • Duelist's Convocation Magic Tournament Rules - by Steve Bishop
  • Collector's Information
    • Magic: A Collecting History - by Victor K. Wertz
    • The Magic: The Gathering Card List
    • A Note on Expansion Sets
    • Supplementary Material & Game Support
  • The Duelist's Convocation and Other Player Resources
  • A Glossary of Magic: The Gathering Terms
  • Index
  • Duelist's Convocation Application
  • Deckmaster Customer Survey

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