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Plane Kamigawa
Part of Towabara Plains

Reito was a city in the Towabara Plains, just a few miles from Eiganjo Castle. It was believed that lanterns carved from the mystic stones of the Reito Mines could light the way of lost souls.[1] Its name reflected this, meaning “ghost city” or “city of spirits".

After Takeshi Konda's tampering with the spirit world, the kami set upon the city. Scores of spirit-world monstrosities swept through the town, killing nearly every living thing. Hundreds were slain, few survived. This event, known as the Reito Massacre, is considered the beginning of the Kami War.[2]

The Reito Massacre[edit | edit source]

The Reito Massacre is recounted in the volume "Great Battles of Kamigawa". Apparently, the inhabitants of Reito has paid the shamans of the hills, hoping that their chant would keep them from harm.[3] However, when the kami attacked, the human defenders were swept away.[4] When they tried to regroup, wailing kami send them scattering like flocks of frightened birds.[5] When the rampaging kami had crushed the militia, swarms of minor kami swept over the battlefield to consume whatever remained.[6] From the ashes of Reito, was born the kami Horobi.

Twenty years after its destruction, the town of Reito still grieved.[7]

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