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Red Bull Untapped is a sponsored Magic tournament series that was first played in 2019.[1] It awards $200,000 in prizes and culminates in the Top 8 players competing in the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London on August 4, 2019.[2]

Red Bull Untapped began with four qualifying tournaments: two on MTG Arena (June, 29-30) and two tabletop tournaments in Florence, Italy (July, 6) and Brussels, Belgium (July, 7).[3] The qualifiers were invite-only. Red Bull selected Magic Pro League members, 34 Twitch streamers with over 10,000 followers, Mythic-ranked players on MTG Arena, and a certain amount of players from Europe. The remaining slots were randomly allocated among other applicants.

The tournament returned in 2020.[4] There are again Germany/Spain/Italy-specific qualifiers, as well as international qualifiers, though they will all be on MTG Arena this time. The finals will be a $75k tournament made up of 16 players from the qualifiers. The winner will "secure a spot for one of Wizards of the Coast's most prestigious Magic: the Gathering events in 2021".

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