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Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Existed before the Guildpact and lived until the Decamillennial
Race Angel
Sources Dissension

Razia, Boros Archangel was the parun and leader of the Boros Legion. She was killed by Szadek, who impaled her with her own sword.

To quote Magic artist Matt Cavotta, "Razia has been the heart and soul of the Boros guild since the signing of the guildpact. She is more like a demi-god to the army than a military leader, inspiring greatness and giving hope, meaning, and destiny to her Boros devout. Just to keep the black-hearted honest, she does, on occasion, rip the battlefield with holy fire".[fact? citation needed]

A lupul takes her form and poses as her for a while, but it is ultimately destroyed by Agrus Kos and Pivlic.

According to the novels, all of the Boros angels were created as images of her, and are thus physically identical; however, it may be such that all other Boros angels are similar, not precisely the same.

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